Hello it's Aisling here,  and my inquiry this term is painting a mural with a few other people.
We are painting it  because we think we need to brighten up the Activity Centre.
On the mural we are painting things that represent Myross Bush School and
our Values.  So we are up to painting the under layer, today we painted a border each
but there were only three and I painted one then we dried them outside in
the sun shine.  Next we are painting the top coat and that is what I'm doing
for my inquiry.


For photo taking with Mr Herring, we have been taking photos around the school. The first activity we did was taking photo of lines. The lines could be anywhere in the photo so it was much easier. The second activity was taking photos of the children in their classrooms working and doing their inquiry. The last one we did for the week was doing mid air photos. It was really hard because when the person tries to jump you have to take the photo exactly right so when they jump you get their whole body in the shot. The person who is jumping should could down and on the 2 you should normally take the photo. But if it was hard you still had to keep working on it. You would get sore feet if you jump off high things but really you should because it is easier to do it on lower things if you want your whole body in the shot but you should normally get your whole body in the shot anyway. That is what we have been doing for photography for the last week. Here is some photos of the activities we did for photographing. By Sarah

Untitled from Paula Stewart on Vimeo.
Feel the Rhythm!!!   All children were amazing today at the Hall with the group "Interactive Rhythm".  We definitely have some rhythm at our school!

Untitled from Paula Stewart on Vimeo.

This is the first of many lego animations, which feature a Myross Bush Value to be posted on our blogs.  Please leave positive feedback and great comments.  These will also be on the individual Blogs.

Jibboo Madness!!!

Catch up on the latest happenings at our JIBBOO Business'...

In class we watched 6 lego animations off youtube.  We recorded in our groups what we thought a Novice and Expert Lego Animation had.  This is what we are using to help create the best animation possible.

What an awesome team photo!

Checking out the town at our Hui Whanau.